Tighten & Tone skin  

Improve skin texture & firmness

Results in 45 mins

Burn 2xs amount of calories

Clinically proven

Avg. weightloss of 31 lbs

Vitamins B6 & B12

Attack stress

Fight fatigue 

Tighten, tone & firm

Uplift face w/o needles

Continuous hydration

Healthy meal replacement

Keto Lifestyle not required

Cravings killer



My Story

I'm a single mom that stepped out on faith in a crazy way, back in December of 2016! I returned from maternity leave in February 2016, not the same. I know many moms have felt this way - miss being home with their newborn and can't focus at work. Constantly calling to check on them and see what new things they've done in the last five minutes. These feelings were partially true for me. I wasn't so much sad in the sense where I couldn't function but I was no longer happy being at work. I didn't want to be there and had very little desire to work when I was. Not only did it show in my work performance but on my face as well. I had a strong desire within me that I couldn't shake no matter what I did! I changed my hours twice and the last time I went as far as stepping down to a part-time position, four hours a day, Monday-Friday! It wasn't until I resigned from my place of unemployment of almost 8.5 years that I gained the freedom and peace I'd been praying to God about concerning me and my son.

I was a single mom who desired more quality time with her son and more time with my Grandma, whose health started declining around this time. I can work my business anywhere! The income is a great blessing, but growing so much as a person, especially in leadership, growing stronger in my faith and showing other moms, women and even men, how they too can supplement their income! That's what I'm most passionate about and thankful for the most!! I believe this is a big part of my calling!


Our Keto Coffee changed the game for me! I initially wanted to try it because of the amazing benefits! Then, I purposely started documenting my personal results to share with others!!





We came out with Super Reds and they instantly became a favorite! This is definitely a needed r e f r e s h e r in the summertime on those hot days but tastes just as good in the winter! These are my drinkable vitamins, full of delicious super foods including Elderberry!!




This is what I get paid to do - SHARE!!! If you love helping people, need a change in your financial situation, or you're just curious and want to try something different, I'd love to mentor you one-on-one and work WITH you as you IMPACT & REACH those that are waiting for you to step out and believe!

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."

~Matthew 5:16




need to know!

One small investment

Own website

Biz app for your phone

24/7 training/mentorship

Smartphone or computer NEEDED

WiFi/Unlimited data



No inventory required

No monthly quotas

No contracts

OPTIONAL monthly fees

MY APPROVED Results!!!!

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